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Deals and Options


Standard orders are installed within 3 working days, urgent orders will be same day if ordered before 10am or next day if ordered after 10am with a R350  surcharge.

Usually 2-3 hours unless Murphy makes an appearance.

Gas bottle remains the property of The Gas Company.

You have two options, you can terminate the contract early (Ts & Cs will apply) or we can move the hob to your new residence (at a fixed fee) and you can continue the contract. If the new owner is interested we can transfer the contract to his/her name.

Yes the complete installation from bottle to hob is included and a CoC is issued.

Does this include cupboard cutting?


How big must the cupboard be to fit the bottle?

Big enough to fit the bottle 🙂 Standard cupboards are plenty big enough.

Must the allocated cupboard be next to the oven?

It may not be directly under the hob, but it can be a little distance away, no problem (more than 2 cupboards away may carry additional installation costs).

Is it safe to put a gas bottle next to the stove?

Yes, heat rises.

Yes, we’ve got your back.

Yes, and we keep a copy on our books cos we know your filing is terrible.

Yes, any permanent gas installation requires a CoC Which basically just ensures that the installation was performed by a competent installer that is aware of the regulations and safety standards of the country.

Yes, it carries an additional small monthly cost though.

Depends, mostly on how many people are living (and eating) in the house and how often you cook.

We generally suggest a 9kg should last two people more than 6 months, a family of four will probably want to consider the 3 month option.

Two words — UBER EATS.

We recommend you keep a spare bottle around for emergencies like this or call us to exchange your bottle.

You should never run out, if we get the contracts right we will exchange the bottle before you run out so you’ll always have gas magically available. If you do need to re-order, we are on-line, open seven days a week and do same day deliveries.

All the hobs come with a 6-month warranty covering non-wear and tear items. You can purchase a maintenance contract that’ll cover all breakages (Ts & Cs again) for the duration of the contract.

Contact our surprisingly good looking sales force, we’ll see what we can do.

If you own it you can do as you like, even sectional title units, inside the unit, is yours to do with as you wish. If you are renting you may wanna ask your landlord first. You’ll also wanna put the old hob somewhere for safekeeping so you can return it if the need arises.

Sectional titles can get sticky with outdoor installations but it’s almost always a case of finding an agreeable spot to locate the bottles that’s not an eyesore for your hippy neighbours.

Sometimes you’re unlucky and have a neurotic nutter on the HOA who doesn’t see the benefits of gas outweighing any perceived risks. In these cases, we’re happy to assist.

The road splits and you can take the red pill or the blue pill. Red pill allows you to change the contract to a gas only service, alternatively you can upgrade the contract to a newer shinier model just like Captain Capitalism wants you to.

Either way you now own the hob.

This is a very big question and I only have a little room to answer.

Principally, the regulations want to ensure the bottle is located in a safe, easy to get to, designated area and that shut of valves are installed. The law allows for a 19kg bottle inside the home if it’s a house and a 9kg cylinder inside an apartment.

No, if you currently have an integrated hob where the controls are on the oven below, those knobs will become defunct and the new hob will sport it’s own silver metallic knobs.

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